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Disaster Plan Research and Writing

Every museum needs to be prepared for fires, floods, chemical spills, tornadoes, hurricanes and other disasters. But surveys show 80 percent lack trained staff, emergency-preparedness plans for their collections, or both. Disaster Plan Research and Writing begins with the creation of disaster-preparedness teams, the importance of ongoing planning, employee safety, board participation and insurance. Participants will learn everything they need to draft their own disaster-preparedness plans. They also will be required to incorporate colleagues in team-building exercises.

Online Museum Classes & Training - MS205: Disaster Plan Research and Writing

Especialización en Conservación Preventiva en Museos y Exposiciones, un curso online de la Universidad de Alcalá

Si quieres formarte en esta materia ahora tienes la oportunidad de hacerlo online. Matrícula abierta.

Duración: 7 meses
Carga lectiva: 36 créditos ECTS
Precio: 900 euros (consultar fraccionamiento de pagos)
Inicio: 1 de julio de 2014
Finalización: 30 de enero de 2015
Requisitos: Licenciatura o diplomatura.

LICEUS - Centro de Posgrado Online - Especialización en Conservación Preventiva en Museos y Exposiciones

National Archives of Australia Paper research. Watermarks Database

The information will assist in making better conservation decisions regarding the long term care of paper-based collections.
The core information is the result of a survey carried out on our collection. Other information presented is based on research into the commercial history of papermaking as well as processes and materials.
Further information will be added to the site in the future, either from the Archives itself or from other sources and collections.

viernes, 14 de marzo de 2014

The Goethe Institute; Glossary on paper restoration

Over 400 specialist terms on paper conservation and restoration are listed in English, German, Chinese and Korean. The 3 main aspects of the guide are a book’s structure, material and tools and book binding and conservation. A missing word means that in one language there is no adequate translation known. Some illustrations and explanations are added for better understanding.
Readers can check words by content and category, or look up chapter and page number of words from the index.

Download SymbolGlossary (PDF, 2 MB, German, English, Chinese and Korean)

IAPH; boletín 3 RIMAR

Disponible el Boletín 3 de RIMAR
El equipo del proyecto RIMAR, Recuperación de la Memoria Visual Andalucía-Marruecos a través de la fotografía histórica, ha publicado el Boletín 3, dentro de las actividades de difusión de este proyecto financiado con Fondos FEDER y liderado por el Instituto Andaluz del Patrimonio Histórico (Consejería de Cultura y Deporte). El objetivo de este Boletín es dar a conocer las actividades que se están desarrollando por parte de los socios del proyecto, favoreciendo la comunicación y difusión de todas sus acciones.

CCI Publications; a través de meep.network

Technical Bulletins

The Canadian Conservation Institute (CCI) has published more than 30 Technical Bulletins to assist heritage professionals and institutions in the care and preservation of their objects and collections. Since these Bulletins contain useful and relevant information for conservation practices, research or reference, we are pleased to provide a majority of them on our website for free to reach a wider audience. Please note that some Technical Bulletins have been retired and are no longer available due to outdated content.
CCI continues to publish Technical Bulletins for print publication and will make new Bulletins available for purchase as print copies for the first five years after publication. Following that time, they will be added to this online resource as free content. The Technical Bulletins are considered archived material only because they are not subject to the Government of Canada.

Laser/Cleaning Ablation nella Conservazione dei Beni Culturali

Buongiorno, sperando di fare cosa gradita le segnaliamo l'inizio di un prossimo corso di specializzazione: "Laser/Cleaning Ablation nella Conservazione dei Beni Culturali", che si svolgerà presso la nostra sede al Castello Aragonese di Ischia dal 15 al 18/05 2014. Per ulteriori informazioni la invitiamo a consultare la seguente pagina del nostro sito 

Integrated Pest Management Workshop, a través de meet.network

Integrated Pest Management Workshop

This workshop will give guidance on how to deal with insect pest problems likely to be encountered in museums, collections, archives and historic houses. It will focus on insects and the damage they cause, together with new information on the detection, monitoring and trapping of pests. The emphasis is on pest-prevention as the key to successful integrated pest management, but this
workshop will also evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of physical and chemical control measures. Practical sessions will include: identification of insect damage and insect pests; carrying out a survey to examine factors which encourage pests; evaluating issues relating to treatment of objects using freezing, heating and anoxia.

Instructor: Jane Thompson-Webb.

November 3-6, 2014

Registration fees: £415.

miércoles, 5 de marzo de 2014

Photograph Conservation for Book and Paper Conservators

October 14-17, 2014
Duke University Libraries
Durham, NC

Instructors: Gawain Weaver and Jennifer Olsen