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The Campbell Center for Historic Preservation Studies. July

July Course Listings
at The Campbell Center for Historic Preservation Studies

Take time Right Now to Register
for your Summer Classes at The Campbell Center

Scholarships are available for qualified applicants.
Call 815-244-1173 for information.
See Website or click on these links for
Scholarship Information and Registration Form

Basic Traditional Sewing Skills 
June 24-June 28  Tuition $750  Materials Fee $25

Basic Costume Restoration 
June 28-July 1  Tuition $875  Materials Fee $40

Costume Replication: Introduction to Techniques  
July 6-10  Tuition $985  Materials Fee $40

Packing and Shipping Workshop  
July 7-10  Tuition $895  Materials Fee $10

Care of Historic Scrapbooks  
July 12-14  Tuition $775  Materials Fee $30

Millinery Collections: Understanding and Preserving  
July 12-14  Tuition $750  Materials Fee $30

Care and Preservation of Furniture and Other Wooden Objects  
July 12-15  Tuition $895  Materials Fee $55

Rigging and Moving of Fine Art and Artifacts  
July 12-16  Tuition $1450  Materials Fee $55

Grant Writing for Collections Care: Private Foundations
July 14-15  Tuition $475  Materials Fee $5

Grant Writing for Collections Care: NEH and IMLS Grants  
July 16-17  Tuition $475  Materials Fee $5

Collections Policies for Small Museums
July 19-21 $750  Materials Fee $5

Introduction to Organic and Inorganic Materials  
July 19-24  Tuition $1095  Materials Fee $30

Creating Traveling Museum Kits for Community Outreach  
July 19-23  Tuition $935  Materials Fee $55

Digitizing MuseumCollections I: Cameras and Scanners  
July 22-24  Tuition $795  Materials Fee $30

Digitizing Museum Collections II: Basic Photoshop  
July 26-28  Tuition $795  Materials Fee $30

Using Informational Graphics and Visual Media In Exhibits  
July 26-28  Tuition $750  Materials Fee $30

Reading, Transcribing & Caring for Early American Documents  
July 29-31  Tuition $750  Materials Fee $5

Send your completed registration form and deposit to:
The Campbell Center
Attn: Registrar Cheri Stees
203 E Seminary Street
Mt. Carroll, IL 61053

or call the office for assistance in processing your registration: 815-244-1173.
We look forward to seeing you this summer at The Campbell Center.

Your support is crucial to help us develop new courses, update equipment and tools, complete necessary building repairs, and pay day-to-day operating costs. Members for two consecutive years will be eligible to apply for a Friends of the Campbell Center scholarship, which may be used to attend a Campbell Center course or workshop. These scholarships will be awarded as the funds allow.

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The Campbell Center offers professional development coursework to meet the training needs of individuals who work in cultural resource management.

The Campbell Center offers courses in collections care, historic preservation, and conservation refreshers for mid-career professionals. These courses require a varying level of expertise to attend: from basic core courses that require little previous experience, to conservation refresher courses that require mid-level professional experience. A certificate program was developed in 2005.
Over the past 30 years, The Campbell Center has developed the reputation for being a top international destination for collections care training. It is also well known for the expertise of its faculty.

The Campbell Center for Historic Preservation Studies
203 E. Seminary Street Mt. Carroll, IL 61053

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