sábado, 2 de noviembre de 2013

JAIC online. EFFECTS OF ERASER TREATMENT ON PAPER E. J. Pearlstein, D. Cabelli, A. King, & N. Indictor

ABSTRACT—In the first part of this investigation, the composition and aging behavior of four dry cleaning products (Opaline Pad, Pink Pearl, Magic Rub, and Kneaded Rubber erasers) are studied. The second part consists of an examination of the effects on paper of eraser treatments performed with these products. Changes in folding endurance, tensile strength, surface pH, color, texture, and wettability of aged and unaged samples of Whatman Chromatography paper treated with the four dry cleaning products were observed and are compared with results for untreated controls.Conclusions are that the dry cleaning procedures performed with these products alter surface characteristics but not mechanical properties of the paper. Pink Pearl and Kneaded Rubber erasers altered the paper surface the most while the Magic Rub eraser altered it the least. The Magic Rub eraser was determined to have substantially different organic constituents from the other three products, which have similarities in composition.

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