viernes, 1 de noviembre de 2013 Photographers of Great Britain and Ireland 1840 to 1940 their photographs, their studios and their customers


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  Photographers of Great Britain and Ireland 1840 to 1940their photographs, their studios and their customers

Was your ancestor a photographer? If so, find out more  

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Get information from the world’s largest collection of British and Irish carte de visite photographs and trade directories. 

Hand coloured cartes de visite by E T Church, Belfast 1Hand coloured cartes de visite by E T Church, Belfast 2
 Two hand coloured cartes de visite by E T Church, Belfast

Extensive information is available on
  • 33,000 photographers from the Victorian era and later – up to 1940
  • 62,450 studio addresses and dates of operation
  • 6,000 customers (the sitters who posed for them)
  • nearly 50 fascinating biographies – big families, multiple marriages, financial woes and emigration – as well as the odd jail sentence !
  • FREE downloads about various aspects of Victorian photography – with more to follow shortly

The information, much of it unique, is taken from original cartes de visite and cabinet cards in theVictorian Image Collection and from trade directories collected over the last 30 years. Information from other sources such as the UK census is also available.

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